A new approach to site restoration

Terra-Sano is an experienced full-service earthworks, reclamation and environmental consulting team. We provide integrated surface abandonment, decommissioning and reclamation/remediation services.


Terra-Sano is proud to be an industry leader offering full earthwork and environmental services throughout Alberta. Established in 2014, our offices and facilities in central and southern Alberta provide expertise and implementation of an approach not typically seen in our industry. At Terra-Sano, we provide all the necessary personnel, equipment, tools, and knowledge to take your projects from start to finish. This approach allows us to apply our own strategies, guaranteed timely delivery and saves money without having to engage third party consultants and excavation contractors.

Although the Energy industry in Alberta has faced some challenges, Terra-Sano continues to adapt and provide efficient, knowledgeable, and expert services. We continue to offer the highest quality in industry standards and rely on our highly trained team of professionals, with decades of energy services experience, to provide our customers with cutting edge technologies and strategies.


Terra-Sano specializes in managing each stage leading to the achievement of a reclamation certificate and completing the tasks required by regulatory agencies. By handling every stage of the process, with a strict focus on time-sensitive and detail oriented solutions, we provide the highest level of project quality. Working as an integrated team, we capture economies of scale and avoid the traditional spending approach, increasing the amount of work on tangible site restoration and lowering administrative costs. We use a thorough reclamation assessment process to develop a practical and efficient plan that delivers meaningful project solutions. Our proprietary project management tool provides real-time activity and budget tracking, ensures regulatory compliance, and systematically organizes all documentation related to a project in one location. Our goal is to make your money count and reduce your exposure to regulatory uncertainty by shortening the reclamation cycle.


Terra-Sano will save you money

Terra-Sano will significantly reduce your reclamation costs through a focused, planned process that shifts spending from consulting and administration to tangible site restoration in the field.


At Terra-Sano, we whole-heartedly believe in the need to eliminate the “single-purpose” work practice that has become commonplace within the reclamation industry. These practices promote wastefulness, inefficiencies and, ultimately, add significant costs to the process of obtaining a reclamation certificate. All services are completed in house, which reduces consulting time and rescheduling expenses, while ensuring Terra-Sano remains accountable for the project from start to finish. We have a complete fleet of heavy, agricultural and transportation equipment, as well as aerial survey services, and advanced environmental sampling and analysis equipment. Give us an opportunity to describe our processes and demonstrate how we will save you money.

  • Underground Tank Removal
  • Cut and Cap
  • Internal Pipe Cutting Tool 2”-8”
  • Pipeline Preparation and Pigging
  • Surface Equipment Decommissioning and Removal
  • Facility Decommissioning
  • Picker Services
  • Field Welding Services

  • Pre-disturbance Assessment
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Subsoil Salinity Tooling Application
  • Gas Migration and SCVF testing
  • Spill Response and Regulatory Closure Requirements
  • Water Well Installation and Monitoring

  • Contaminated Site Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • Electromagnetic Surveying
  • Clubroot Testing
  • Risk and Liability Assessments
  • Aerial Drone Surveys and Inspections

  • Native Grassland Restoration
  • Forested Reclamation
  • Hydroseeding- Native and Tame Grasses
  • Hydroseeding- Slope Stabilization
  • Water Body Restoration
  • Real Time Kinematic Surveys
  • Lease/Facility Construction
  • Access Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Surface Water Management

  • Remedial Reporting
  • Remedial Action Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • Appropriate Landfill Classification
  • Field Testing Equipment
  • Waste Disposal
  • Microbial Remediation
  • Sump Remixes

  • Detailed Site Assessments
  • Vegetation Monitoring and Control
  • Reclamation Certificate Application
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • Remediation Certificate Application


Terminis is a full-service downhole abandonment company providing wellsite supervision, engineering, consulting, coil tubing, cementing, wireline, and fluid hauling services. Terminis’ comprehensive service offering maintains the ability to streamline workflow, incorporate innovative cost saving strategies and create economies of scale by clustering work and avoiding one-offs.

Working together or separately, Terra-Sano and Terminis can help clients reduce their Liability Management Ratio (LMR), providing portfolio assessment, downhole and facilities abandonment, land reclamation and environmental services.

CASE STUDY: SignAlta Resources Limited


The collapse of natural gas prices in 2009 hit Alberta’s natural gas producers hard. In the face of a natural gas glut, companies were forced to tear apart their cost structures to preserve cash flow…


What’s all the excitement about LMR?


In the midst of the most significant petroleum downturn in decades, Canadians are concerned about the number of inactive and “orphan” oil and gas wells in Western Canada and the associated public liability. At the same time, abandonment and reclamation costs are soaring, while the time and expense of getting to a reclamation certificate have ballooned. In these economically and politically uncertain times, environmental groups and the general public are urging politicians and regulators to set agressive abandonment and reclamation timelines and hold the industry accountable.


Increased Risk of Wildfire

Alberta is experiencing another extremely dry wildfire season


Chiefs call on federal government to keep funding in Alberta oil and gas well remediation program

Province says $137M of pandemic well cleanup money was unspent by deadline


CAOEC Will Partner With the AB Government to Launch the Alberta Drilling Accelerator

The ADA will provide a technology-agnostic, market-driven test site to support the creation of novel drilling techniques and technologies



Terra-Sano is always looking for highly skilled and experienced professionals to join our growing team. To enquire about potential opportunities, send your resume to:

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